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Freighters, Mandarin News October 16, 2017 at 10:53 am

GECAS从波音资本收购了一架波音747-8F 该货机长期租赁给俄罗斯空桥航空。目前,空桥航空共运营了11架波音747-8F,5架波音747-400F(包括两架为GECAS租赁),以及2架波音747-400F。其总部位于英国的姊妹运营商CargoLogicAir,运营了1架波音747-8F,1架波音747-400ERF,以及1架波音747-400F。 ATSG签收另一架波音767-300BDSF 航空运输服务集团(ATSG)通过其货机租赁管理机构,签收了这架原隶属于美国航空,经Bedek航空集团进行了客机改造货机的波音767-300BDSF。 阿特拉斯航空投运另一架波音767货机为亚马逊服务 这架原隶属于Nordwind航空的波音767-300BDSF,经Bedek航空集团进行了客机改造货机,重新交付给了阿特拉斯航空集团下属的Titan Aviation Holdings租赁公司。该飞机将租赁给亚马逊,并将由阿特拉斯航空为亚马逊的Prime Air运营网络提供运营服务。

Aeroflot's widebody fleet includes 15 777-300ERs (one of which is shown above) and 22 A330-200s/-300s. Photo: Fedor Leukhin/Wikimedia


Freighters, Mandarin News October 9, 2017 at 5:31 pm

本周在迈阿密举办的“空运通讯高峰论坛”,Bedek航空集团的市场营销和业务发展高级总监Rafi Matalon证实,其传闻已久的波音777-200ER客机改造货机已确定了首批客户,并将在未来两个月内正式启动该项目。Rafi Matalon还表示,Bedek作为色列航空航天工业的改造及维修机构,已经为该计划的发展寻求了合作伙伴。 《空运通讯》曾经指出,波音777-200ER改造货机的航行距离以及载荷能力不及波音777F。不过,在会议期间,有些代表认为,波音777BDSF可能对于快递企业具有吸引力,其对于重货的运输需求较低,不需要波音777F的大型载荷能力。

Here come the first 737 NG freighters! VIDEO

Here come the first 737 NG freighters! VIDEO

Aircraft, Carriers, Conversions, News, Photos+Videos October 6, 2017 at 9:27 am

Last week, Seattle-based Alaska Airlines put its first freighter-converted 737-700F into commercial service with a maiden flight between Seattle and Anchorage. The aircraft was converted by Israel Aerospace Industries’ conversion arm, Bedek Aviation Group, in Tel Aviv, and is the first of three 737-700s Alaska Air retired from its passengerRead More

Alaska Air Cargo introduces world's first freighter-converted 737-700BDSF,

Alaska Air Cargo commences commercial flights with 737-700BDSF

Aircraft, Carriers, News September 27, 2017 at 10:45 am

Alaska Air Cargo’s recently-redelivered 737-700BDSF (30794) entered into commercial service yesterday, carrying freight from Seattle, where Alaska Airlines is headquartered, to Anchorage, the airline’s center for regional cargo operations within the state of Alaska. As we have mentioned in the past, this is particularly noteworthy, as it is not onlyRead More

C3 launches A320/A321 P-to-F conversion program

C3 launches A320/A321 P-to-F conversion program

Aircraft, Conversions, News September 6, 2017 at 10:55 am

California-based C3 Aerospace (pronounced “C Cubed”) formally launched passenger-to-freighter conversion programs for the Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft today. C3 did not release technical specifications for either freighter, nor any details about when it expects certification, but did provide some background information. Engineering for both the A320 and A321 conversionRead More

IAI awarded STC for 737-700 P-to-F, Alaska Air Cargo to take redelivery

IAI awarded STC for 737-700 P-to-F, Alaska Air Cargo to take redelivery

Carriers, Conversions September 5, 2017 at 10:46 am

On Monday, Israel Aerospace Industries received an STC for its 737-700 passenger-to-freighter conversion program, and could redeliver the first freighter-converted 737-700F (30794) to Seattle-based Alaska Air Cargo before the end of this week. Once redelivered, IAI, through its MRO and conversion arm, Bedek Aviation Group, will have redelivered not onlyRead More

GAMECO will be PEMCO's third conversion center in China.

GAMECO is PEMCO’s third conversion center in China

Asia, Conversions, News July 6, 2017 at 10:12 am

One way to measure the demand for passenger-to-freighter conversions is through the partnerships formed by the conversion houses with MRO facilities. Most conversion houses have a facility of their own, but also have agreements with one or more MROs, allowing them to do more conversions than they could on theirRead More

IAI Bedek reveals new Chinese partner for 737NG conversions

IAI Bedek reveals new Chinese partner for 737NG conversions

Aircraft, Asia, Conversions, News June 22, 2017 at 10:43 am

Just as IAI’s Bedek Aviation Group nears completion of the Supplemental Type Certification process for its first 737-700BDSF conversion, a new partner has emerged. During the 2017 Paris Air Show, China-based MRO, Tianjin Aircraft Engineering Co. (TAEC), a subsidiary of the Haite Group, revealed itself as Bedek’s “development partner” forRead More