• David Harris
  • January 3, 2011
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Monday morning, first working day of a new year.

With just two days of the new year behind us — and weekend days at that — there is not much news to report, and no hot new issues to debate. So I will take advantage of this otherwise quiet time to wish all of you who have joined us on cargofacts.net a rewarding year 2011, both personally and commercially.

And also to remind you that this site was conceived and designed as a member-driven forum. We want your feedback on what we post here, and we hope that you will post your own material as well. Photos, videos, news, opinions… all are welcome.

Best wishes to all

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One thought on “2011

  1. Good morning David, and Happy New Year to All,

    I’m looking forward to a great year. New opportunities, growth, and optimism in our industry. And I see we are going to Atlanta this year for the Workshop. And of course our Huskies and Seahawks both won over the weekend. Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in just 6 weeks. What more could we ask for?


    David, you’re doing great work keeping us informed. Keep it up, and I’ll see you soon; you still owe me a Top Pot donut.


    Mike Stewart