747-8 Freighter delivery delay

  • David Harris
  • October 1, 2010
  • Archive
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BOEING has been hinting for some time that first-delivery of the 747-8F might shift from late 2010 “into 2011,” and this morning the manufacturer made it official, “with first delivery now expected mid-year 2011.” The causes of the delay are two problems discovered during the flight test program: “a low-frequency vibration in certain flight conditions and an underperforming aileron actuator.” While Boeing has not yet said it has solutions for these problems, it did say “neither issue requires structural changes to the airplane,” and it continues to roll completed units off the production line (see photo). It has also added a fifth unit to the flight test program. Boeing has 76 orders for the 747-8F from six carriers and two lessors.

Despite delays in the delivery schedule, Boeing’s 747-8F production line is humming, and at least seven completed aircraft are now awaiting whatever change needs to be implemented to fix the problems mentioned above. Click here to see a photo of some of them.

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