777-8F vs A350F: a battle of equals

Following Qatar Airways’ order for up to fifty of Boeing’s new 777-8Fs, operators and lessors now have a full lineup of options in the large widebody space and can choose between two capable products from Airbus and Boeing for the first time.

Both freighters make for worthy competitors, according to Cargo Facts Consulting.

Apart from the differences in capabilities and performance, individual customer preferences and factors such as fuel burn and price will dictate the orders each manufacturer is likely to receive.

Although Boeing has not publicly announced any figures for maximum take-off weight (MTOW) or maximum zero-fuel weight (MZFW), some comparisons between the 777-8F, 777F and A350F can be made based on what we know about the 777X program.

For an analysis and comparison of the two new large widebody freighters, continue reading with a subscription to CFC Insights.

777-8F vs A350F: a battle of equals

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