A321 P2F passes first major milestone

EFW will launch its A320 Family P-to-F program with the A321
EFW completed the Preliminary Design review for its A321 passenger-to-freighter conversion.

The A321 passenger-to-freighter conversion program launched last year by EFW, the conversion and MRO joint venture of ST Aerospace and Airbus, successfully completed the Preliminary Design Review.

The next step will be completion of the Critical Design Review, whitch EFW says it expects “in the coming months.”

The A321 P2F will be the first of EFW’s A320 Family conversions to the market, followed later by the A320. Expected dates for first flight of these programs have not been announced, nor has there been any announcement of launch orders.

The A320 Family conversion program is being developed in the same fashion as the A330 Family P-to-F program, with ST Aerospace leading the engineering development and taking responsibility for the conversion kit, while EFW manages and lead the program as well as handling sales, marketing, and customer support. Airbus will actively support the program by providing the OEM data, cockpit computer modifications, and certification support.

Looking at technical specifications:

In addition, both the A320 and A321 converted freighters will offer a containerized or palletized lower deck, able to fit LD3-45/AKH containers.

Below, we include range diagrams for both the A320/A321 and A330-200//300 P2F programs, from major cargo centers in Asia, Europe, North America, and North Africa/Middle East.

Those interested in the P-to-F market in general, and EFW’s part in it, should join us at the Cargo Facts Symposium in Miami, 10 – 12 October, where Wolfgang Schmid, EFW’s VP Sales and Marketing will take part in a session devoted to the state of the conversion market. To register, or for more information, go to CargoFactsSymposium.com.

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