CF EMEA: ATSG throttles ahead with 767 conversions

Amazon’s ATSG stake reflects ‘lead operator’ status

ATSG is expected to deliver at least six more 767Fs to Amazon in 2019. Its affiliate carriers may pick up additional CMI flying beyond that.

FRANKFURT — U.S.-based lessor Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM) has acquired a trio of ex-LATAM 767-300ERs for use as conversion feedstock. Two of the aircraft (29228 and 29229) are already in conversion at IAI’s facility in Tel Aviv (TLV).

Cargo Facts caught up with Mike Berger, chief commercial officer of CAM’s parent company ATSG, at Cargo Facts EMEA 2020 last week. Berger said the company expects to sign off on the third aircraft in March and shuffle it to TLV for conversion shortly afterward [FAT 005320].

The conversions support the continued growth of the lessor’s 767F portfolio. As of yearend 2019, the company had sixty-one 767Fs on lease from its portfolio, a figure that will continue to grow in the next two years as CAM converts and takes redelivery of 767Fs. In December 2018, CAM secured rights to twenty 767-300ERs slated to come out of passenger service with American Airlines. This was followed by additional acquisitions in 2019 for two Air Italy aircraft and three ANA 767-300BCFs.

As for future lessees, CAM previously announced commitments to place six 767-300Fs in 2020; four with Amazon in 2020, and two with UPS.

In the video clip below, Berger discusses CAM’s feedstock position and redelivery timeline for its forthcoming conversions.

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