Crazy (and funny) airplane photos and videos – share yours!

A few days ago, Seattle-area plane spotters were treated to a sight they’d never seen before. A huge plane appeared in front of Boeing’s Paine Field (PAE) production facility and images of it immediately went viral and it became a subject of discussion on internet forums frequented by airplane nerds (like us here at Cargo Facts).

Big airplanes roll out of that facility all the time, but this was not just any 777 or 747. By the shape, it was almost certainly a 747-8, but it was hard to tell, because it was completely wrapped in brown paper.

The mystery has now been solved – it is the first of the 747-8 Freighters in UPS’ 14-unit order, and it was wrapped up to keep it clean while sitting through an unexpected delay in the paintshop. But the photo below was unlike any we’d seen, and reminded us that there is more to airplane photography that beautiful machines flying majestically in a blue sky dotted with perfect fluffy clouds.

So we dug out one of our old favorites, and did an internet search for a couple more (including a video). But there must be many, many more out there. Most of you who read Cargo Facts have been in the industry for a long time, and you probably all own cameras. So feel free to send us your favorite crazy (or funny, or terrifying, or just plain strange) aircraft photo or video, and we’ll add it to the ones below. (Just remember, it must be your photo, or from a source that allows reposting.)

Here are a few to get your weekend off to a good start…

“Plane Brown Wrapper”

Yes, Boeing wrapped Big Brown’s first 747-8F in a “plane brown wrapper”.

“Plane on a Train”

Not all planes fly. Photo: David Harris

“Unfinished hanger?”

This hangar actually isn’t undersized or too small. These types of hangars are for working on engines and fuel cells, and are cheaper than full-sized hangers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


A Tri MG Airlines 737F tips while loading.

Once again, we remind you to share your own photos and videos with us!

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