DHL to convert up to 32 more 757s

A 757-200PCF converted for DHL by Precision Aircraft Solutions.
A 757-200PCF converted for DHL by Precision Aircraft Solutions. Photo: Lans Stout

DHL has begun to replace thirty-two older 757-200Fs with new conversions.

Markus Otto, Managing Director of DHL Express subsidiary carrier EAT Leipzig, was quoted in the German aviation press as saying DHL would retire and scrap not only the ten 757-200SFs in the EAT Leipzig fleet, but also the twenty-two of the type operated by UK-based DHL Air. He added that the replacements would have one more pallet position than the fourteen available in the old units.

Given that Precision Aircraft Solutions is the only conversion house currently holding an STC for a 15-pallet 757-200 P-to-F conversion, and that Precision has a long history of working with DHL, Mr. Otto’s statements lead us to believe that Precision will likely gain a contract for up to thirty-two 757-200PCF conversions for DHL.

This is not an unexpected development. Precision has recently begun conversion of several 757-200s believed to be destined for EAT Leipzig, and Cargo Facts has speculated for some time that full replacement of all the older units was in the cards – which Mr. Otto’s announcement appears to confirm.

The thirty-two units to be retired are almost all over thirty years old, and all but one were converted to freighter configuration by Boeing (the remaining unit was built by Boeing in package freighter configuration). Most are leased from Boeing Capital.

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