GECAS to redeliver first 737-800BCF to Atran, AOC imminent for CargoLogic Germany?

Last October, Russia-based Atran agreed to lease a pair of 737-800BCFs from GECAS.

Although the Volga-Dnepr Group and its affiliate carriers are best known for widebody freighter operations, this week narrowbody freighters are in the spotlight. GECAS is nearing the redelivery of its first 737-800BCF to Russia-based Atran and this week ferried a 737-800BCF (32616, ex-Nok Air) to Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport ahead of redelivery.

Separately, CargoLogic Germany, the yet-to-launch scheduled subsidiary carrier of UK-based CargoLogicAir Holding (an affiliate of the Volga-Dnepr Group) appears to be nearing receipt of a German AOC. Fleet tracking databases indicate the startup carrier has reserved three German registrations for its incoming fleet of 737-400SFs, and earlier this afternoon, a 737-400SF (28867)  arrived at Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ).

Starting first with Atran’s inbound 737-800BCF, GECAS announced its intention to lease a pair of the next generation narrowbody freighters to Atran back in October 2018. Upon redelivery of the second -800BCF, which, is also expected in the first half of this year, according to the initial GECAS release, Atran’s fleet will grow to five units; three 737-400Fs, and two 737-800BCFs.

But wait a minute, didn’t Atran take redelivery of a fourth 737-400SF (25775, ex- Yamal Airlines) earlier this month? When Cargo Facts initially reported the transaction, we noted our belief that the aircraft would eventually end up in the fleet of CargoLogic Germany, based on our November 2018 report in which we identified the first three 737-400SFs to be redelivered to CargoLogic Germany, on-lease from Vx Capital Partners.

As of today, it  seems increasingly likely that 25775 will end up in the CargoLogic Germany fleet. Despite redelivery to Atran last month, multiple sources now link the aircraft to CargoLogic Germany, and a German registration (D-ACLW). A third aircraft (27673, ex-NewGen Airways) is currently undergoing conversion by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc., in Kelowna, but has not yet been redelivered.

With two-of-three 737-400Fs already in Europe, and three German registrations reserved for CargoLogic Germany, the AOC is likely not far off. Cargo Facts was unable to confirm the status of CargoLogic Germany’ startup application ahead of press. German Regulator, Luftfahrt-Budesamt has not published an updated list of carriers with German AOCs since 18 December, and CargoLogic Germany could not be reached for comment.

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