How did that huge thing get into the airplane?

Everybody knows that the An-124 is the go-to freighter for moving outsize and heavyweight cargo. But how do those massive pieces of machinery, those trucks, those helicopters, get into the freighter?

For your weekend viewing pleasure we offer this video from Volga-Dnepr Airlines (which operates ten An-124s), showing a variety of different cargoes being loaded and unloaded. Particularly interesting is the internal lifting crane system.


And when an An-124 just isn’t enough, there is always the An-225. Originally designed to carry Soviet spacecraft on its back, there is only one of these in world (currently operated by Antonov Airlines). But with a payload of up to 250 tonnes, how many does the world really need?

(An interesting sidelight: As this video started, I had a strange feeling of “I know that voice” when the narrator started speaking. He was more shouting than speaking at the beginning, and I couldn’t be sure, but as soon as he turned the volume down, it hit me. And any of you who ever watched the old British comedy “Red Dwarf” will probably have the same reaction. Yes, it’s Arnold Rimmer!)

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