New conversion program from Precision aims at e-commerce market

The latest P-to-F (Pumpkin-to-Freighter) conversion from Precision
The latest P-to-F (Pumpkin-to-Freighter) conversion from Precision, showing the Bomb-bay door in action.

Following extensive research (and some alcohol-fueled commercial espionage activity) Cargo Facts can break the news of a soon-to-launch, e-commerce-focused P-to-F conversion program that will be offered by Precision Aircraft Solutions.

Late one night at the recent Cargo Facts Symposium in Miami, and with the assistance of many drinks, we were able to get one of Precision’s senior sales executives to open up about the new design. From what we remember, this is what he told us:

Led by Precision’s CHO (Chief Halloween Officer) Brenda Mallett, Precision has finished the Critical Design Review, and prototype of a new freighter variant designed specifically for the Express E-commerce market.

Using e-commerce giant Amazon as the typical end user, Precision tested its  757-200BBD [Bomb-Bay Door] using typical express cargo densities and Amazon packaging techniques to prove the design.

The executive, who requested his identity be withheld, said Precision was surprised to find that Amazon-type cargo densities of up to 6.0 pounds per cubic feet could be dropped from any altitude up to 38,000 feet using the same bubble wrap and packaging with virtually no damage to the merchandise. There was some issue with wind drift, but he said the company expects to have that worked out by certification.

This design substantially reduces operator cost, fuel burn and the need for transit stops.

Certification of the new P-to-F (Pumpkin-to-Freighter) program is expected in the Spring of 2017, and the total on-ramp price of a completed freighter should be about US$12.00 (€11.04).

Weight upgrades will be available for this new variant, and Precision hopes to have a one-man crew certification available in 2017.

Additional product testing and feasibility studies will be performed on an A321-200 following certification of the 757-200BBD.

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