Which widebody freighter program will launch next?

Cargo Facts invites readers to weigh in on potential new widebody freighters

Boeing to Unveil Air Freighter, Setting Up a Rumble With Airbus

Since Boeing officially pulled the curtain on the 747-8F and stopped taking new orders for the popular widebody freighter, attention has shifted to the potential replacement candidates  both new-build and freighter-converted types. Cargo Facts invites you, our well-informed reader, to share your opinions on the candidates for new programs, and the likelihood of such programs coming to fruition.  

While production freighters based on current-generation passenger airframes such as the 787 and the A350 have long been considered a possibility, neither Airbus nor Boeing has officially pulled the trigger on a new program.  

With a substantial segment of the widebody passenger fleet still groundedOEMs and conversion houses are reportedly taking a second look at the potential for new conversion programs, including even the A380 

Estimates from Cargo Facts Consulting highlight the payload and volume characteristics for variants of the 787, A330, A350 and 777 which do not currently have a freighter variant available.



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