Announcing the launch of new Royal Media publication, Air Cargo Airports

We at Cargo Facts are pleased to announce the launch of Air Cargo Airports, a new media venture presented by Royal Media, the publisher of  Air Cargo World and Cargo Facts.

Airport cargo facilities play a major role in the supply chain and with growing e-commerce and specialty cargo demand, the need for expansion and development of these facilities has become more critical. Air Cargo Airports is the media brand that explores these emerging opportunities to provide airport stakeholders with insightful information and in-depth coverage to position them for success.

The world’s airports accommodated more than 118.6 million metric tonnes of cargo in 2017, a 7.7% year-over-year increase, according to data collected by the Airports Council International.

As the first news site to solely focus on this sector, Air Cargo Airports is uniquely positioned to track the changes to traditional supply chains that are putting airports — of all sizes — on shipper routes. The coverage at Air Cargo Airports will focus on capacity issues, route selection, security and customs clearance, warehousing, and more.

To learn more, visit To keep up with the latest airport-related news and analysis, follow us on Twitter at @CargoAirports and on LinkedIn.

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