AZUL to add dedicated ATR freighters

Azul will change from Quick Change to dedicated freighter operations.

Azul ATR72-500. Photo: Hamilton Gomes/Wikimedia

Brazil-based Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras has for some time operated three of its ATR72-500s in Quick Change configuration, flying passengers during the day, and removing the seats for cargo operation at night. But according to reports in the Brazilian press, the carrier is in the process of returning the three QCs to full-time passenger operation and converting three other ATR72-500s to dedicated freighter configuration. 

Information is scarce, but Cargo Facts does not expect that the three units to be operated as full-time freighters will be true freighters with large cargo doors and the capability to handle palletized freight, but even if they are in small-door configuration, the move indicates an uptick in Azul’s cargo business.

As far as we know, Azul is the only carrier to use the -500 variant in cargo operation. Other carriers operating ATR72s in either large- or small-door freighter configuration use the -200.


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