Cargo Facts Consulting Rebrands to Kick Off a New Era in Air Cargo Advisory

Cargo Facts Consulting today unveils a comprehensive rebrand, its first major reinvigoration since the consultancy’s launch in 1978.

Formerly known as Air Cargo Management Group, Cargo Facts Consulting (CFC) is expanding its range of services with this relaunch, bringing in expertise that spans aviation technology, OEM, maintenance and engine overhaul (MRO), and airlines.

As part of the relaunch, Cargo Facts Consulting has changed its operational structure by adding a full team of Senior Consultants, some of the industry’s most experienced professionals, and a core group of analysts with strong quantitative skills.

This is a major — and wildly exciting — shift for Cargo Facts Consulting. We have thought long and hard about how to revolutionize our consulting practice for the next generation of airfreight, and we are excited to get to work for our clients.

The new Senior Consultants are:

  • Karen Berg is a former Global Segment Lead, Aviation and Travel, at Intel, where she spearheaded efforts to advance aviation technologies for airfreight and other segments of aviation. She is also a former executive of Delta and Air France KLM, having run the latter’s MRO business.
  • James Edgar served at Boeing for more than 30 years and in his last position was Regional Director of Cargo Marketing. In that capacity, he was also on the Board of Directors of TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association) and Chair of its Education & Research Committee. Jim attained the rank of Captain in the U.S. Air Force and supported two presidents while assigned to Air Force One. During his five years of military service, Jim also managed passenger and cargo terminals in the U.S. and Middle East.
  • Jacob Netz joined the IAI Bedek Aviation Group in 2001 as Director of Analysis & Strategy of Freighter Conversions, following four years of managing business development for the Engineering Division. For five years, until his retirement from IAI in June 2011, Jacob was the program analyst for M&B Conversions LTD.
  • Edward Chen joined Airbus China in 2007 and successfully developed service packages for several airlines in China, including both state-owned airlines and private start-up airlines. In 2011 Edward joined HAECO as VP of Projects, responsible for freighter conversions and part manufacturing business development.

These Senior Consultants will join Bob Dahl, Cargo Facts Consulting’s long-time Managing Director, who is shifting to the Senior Consultant role, and Alan Hedge, CFC’s Senior Director. The Senior Consultants will offer the firm experienced aviation thought leadership, leveraging deep industry insight to help maximize opportunities, overcome challenges, and meet the business goals of clients.

The new brand will continue to echoes Cargo Facts, a sister venture to the consultancy and a leading information resource to the industry since 1981.

Cargo Facts Consulting’s practice will be even more responsive to market dynamics. Areas of focus are e-commerce logistics, freighter conversion feedstock trends, and aircraft technology. These supplement the practice’s historic strengths in aircraft analysis, fleet planning, and market forecasting.

The airfreight market has arguably changed more over the last 24 months than it has since US aviation deregulation in the 1970s, which fostered the rapid growth of FedEx — and this consultancy provided meaningful advisory services to FedEx that fostered that success. The new Cargo Facts Consulting is now positioned to help address today’s market changes. As well as those that are yet to come.

Cargo Facts Consulting is a venture of Royal Media, a specialized information company based in New York.

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