Cargo Facts’ parent launches new media venture: Mobility Buzz

0123_Mobility-Buzz-ad-550x480Royal Media, the New York-based trade media company and publisher of Cargo Facts, has launched Mobility Buzz, a new media venture to cover the emerging mobility space. Mobility Buzz, Royal Media said, is the first publication to focus on mobility startups and new technologies in the transportation sector.

In the past year, mobility has become the most crucial innovation driver of the global transportation industry, including the airfreight industry. Mobility is not just disrupting traditional transportation, but altering the way people and things move around a connected, digital, social-networked world.

Amazon, for example, has begun piloting a drone-delivery system in the UK – the first delivery took just 13 minutes to arrive, after the order was placed.

The Mobility Buzz brand will explore this new, connected world of transportation, offering mobility-obsessed readers an information resource that will accompany them on their journey into the future.

“We are just at the start of profound changes in transportation,” said JJ Hornblass, publisher of Mobility Buzz. “We believe strongly that we will look back on 2017 as the year when mobility and alternative transportation entered its infancy. We’re excited to contribute to this transportation revolution.”

Royal Media, which was founded more than 20 years ago, is uniquely positioned to launch Mobility Buzz. Existing Royal Media brands cover financial technology (FinTech), air cargo and transportation, and auto finance – all sectors converging on mobility.

Mobility Buzz will cover the emerging mobility market by keeping the focus on innovation and startups. The coverage will focus on connected transportation topics, such as ridesharing, transportation of things, autonomous vehicles, drone cargo delivery, and technology and software. The venture will include a website (, a daily e-newsletter and a quarterly digital magazine that will explore industry trends with more depth.

Recent coverage on the site has explored Via’s plans to power public transportation; how Dash, the “Fitbit for your car,” surpassed 350,000 drivers; and the D.O.T.’s newly-formed Automation Committee.

To learn more about Mobility Buzz or to subscribe to the daily e-newsletter, please visit www.Mobility.Buzz. Also, follow Mobility Buzz on Twitter @MobilityBuzz and join the LinkedIn group for the latest news and expertise on connected transportation.

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