CargoLogic Germany joins Cargo Facts EMEA speaker faculty

Johannes Jähn, managing director of CargoLogic Germany.

Johannes Jähn, managing director of CargoLogic Germany (CLG), will be joining Cargo Facts EMEA 2020 as a speaker in Session 3. This session will cover topics such as trends in the express market in the EMEA region, as well as e-commerce and freighter aircraft developments.

As one of the newest freighter operators in Europe with a fleet of three 737-400SFs, it will be fascinating to hear CLG’s perspective of the market and the opportunities it sees. Before joining CLG in August 2019, Jähn was previously on the board of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG and led both Dresden (DRS) and Leipzig (LEJ) airports.

CLG told Cargo Facts that it is looking forward to discussing the specific requirements of express and e-commerce, as well as questioning whether the traditional set-up works with today’s environment.

“The ever-changing European e-commerce and express supply chain is mainly driven by end-customers tending to follow short-term trends,” the carrier said. “CLG steps into the European ever-changing supply chain as an operator offering extremely responsive and flexible solutions.”

Apart from CLG, Cargo Facts EMEA will hear from other carriers including our host partner Lufthansa Cargo, Air France-KLMASL AirlinesEgyptAirEmiratesIAG Cargo and Turkish Airlines. The full agenda for the event is here.

Join us Feb. 3-5 for Cargo Facts EMEA 2020, the event serving as an international platform providing attendees with a direct connection to leading EMEA innovation executives. To register and for more information about the event, visit

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