FedEx continues removal of capacity

FedEx has removed three MD-11Fs from service so far this year. (Photo: FedEx Express)

FedEx Express in the past week removed two MD-11Fs (48547 and 48458) and a 757-200F (24924, ex-Astraeus) from service and sent them to Victorville (VCV) to be parked.

Units 48547 and 48458 were ferried to VCV on Feb. 5 and Feb. 6 respectively, while unit 24924 was flown to the desert on Feb. 8.

FedEx Express told Cargo Facts that this aligns with its effort to optimize its air network by removing excess capacity given current demand trends. These aircraft are not part of a retirement program and could return to revenue service in the future.

According to FedEx’s Stat Book for 2Q 2020, none of the 119 757-200Fs and fifty-seven MD-11Fs in its fleet were scheduled to be removed during FY2020. The only planned retirements were nine MD-10-10Fs, of which FedEx currently has fourteen, after two were removed in December 2019.

FedEx also retired another MD-11F (48551) in January and ferried it to VCV. The integrator is replacing its MD-10Fs and MD-11Fs with new 767-300Fs and 777Fs, and is expecting to have taken delivery of ten more 767-300Fs by the end of FY2020.

Additionally, FedEx retired the last of its A310-300Fs in January, and removed one A300-600F (555) that month and another one (581) earlier this month.

Meanwhile, fellow American integrator UPS continues to grow its MD-11F fleet. The company recently purchased two ex-Lufthansa Cargo MD-11Fs and will put them into service after modification work.

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