Japanese air exports up in December and January, imports down

A recent uptick in key air cargo market groups could be an encouraging sign of recovery

Today, three NCA-owned 747-400Fs are operated on a CMI-basis by Atlas Air. Two more aircraft will join the operation before year-end. (Photo: Boeing)

Japanese airfreight exports showed a notable uptick in volumes toward the end of 2020, based on timely statistics reported by the Japan Forwarders Association (JAFA).

In the past three months, Japan has seen an uptick in key air cargo product groups, such as industrial exports, automotive and high-tech. This is similar to other markets, such as the U.S. and, to a lesser extent, Europe, and is encouraging as a possible sign of recovery.

Japan’s focus on intra-Asian trade puts the country in a better position to benefit from regional recovery than Europe or the U.S.

Read the full analysis on Cargo Facts Consulting, along with an interactive chart showing export and import performance by commodity for 2020 and Q4 2020.

Japanese air exports up in December and January, imports down

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