ASL Airlines Belgium leased two 747-400ERFs

ASL Airlines Belgium leased two 747-400ERFs (33516 and 35945, both ex-Korean Air) from Altavair [FATs 003780 and 3787]. ASL Aviation Group formed ASL Airlines Belgium to take over the former TNT Airways when FedEx acquired TNT last year, and, along with a large narrowbody fleet, operates two 747-400ERFs (now owned by FedEx). Until a month ago, ASL Belgium also operated three 777Fs formerly in the TNT Airways fleet, but FedEx has now transferred those three to its own fleet. It had earlier seemed possible that ASL would use the two 747-400ERFs coming back from Emirates (see above) to replace the capacity of the 777Fs, but given the agreement with Altavair, that is now unlikely.

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