The life of a freighter jockey

We’ve got two things to share to close out the week – a video on what it’s like to work as a freighter jockey, and the results of our thanksgiving contest.

First, the contest: In a post on Vietjet’s decision to get into freighter operation, we showed a picture of an aircraft sales rep presenting a model airplane to Do Xuan Quang, CEO of Vietjet’s newly launched cargo subsidiary, and offered fabulous prizes to any who could identify the plane from a less-than-crisp photo of the presentation.

Six of you rose to the challenge, and correctly identified the A330-200F Vietjet plans to use in Southeast Asia regional service. The next time you visit Cargo Facts World Headquarters in sunny Seattle, we will present you with the coffee drink of your choice and a delicious donut from our neighborhood coffee & donut emporium. So congratulations to (in order of your response) Tom Crabtree, Boeing; Jacob Netz, ACMG; Martin Bleasedale, Freighterdata; Wilfred D’Souza, Emirates Skycargo; Zeev Feldhorn, IAI; and Iain Sturrock, Aerospace Support Associates

And now, the video: It’s a bit out of date, now that IAG Cargo no longer ACMI leases 747-8 Freighters from Atlas Air/Global Supply Systems for its British Airways World Cargo subsidiary, but gives a pretty interesting view into the life and work of a pilot in the air freight industry.

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