Two more 747-8Fs join NCA fleet

NCA 747-400-8 freighterNippon Cargo Airlines took delivery of its seventh and eighth 747-8Fs (37393, 36140) from Boeing in December. The seventh freighter was built in mid-2013, the eighth in mid-2014, but the carrier deferred delivery until December. In addition to the eight 747-8Fs, NCA also operates five 747-400Fs and has six more 747-8Fs on order.

The carrier also owns another four 747-400Fs, of which two are leased to AirBridgeCargo and one to Slovakia-registered, but Germany-based, Air Cargo Global.

In other NCA news, the carrier added a live animal service at Frankfurt Hahn (HHN), where it recently upgauged  from a 747-400F to a 747-8F on its Hahn-Tokyo route.

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