A new 767-300 P-to-F program?

US-based Wagner Aeronautical Inc signed an agreement with Boeing to license engineering data “which will allow Wagner to pursue a Supplemental Type Certificate for the B767-300 passenger-to-freighter conversion.”

A 767-300BDSF in conversion by Bedek Aviation Group. Boeing also offers a 767-300BCF conversion program.

Cargo Facts notes that this does not constitute the formal launch of a Wagner 767-300 passenger-to-freighter conversion program, but, as company President Bill Wagner said, the licensing agreement is a step in that direction, “allowing us to successfully move forward with the B767-300 freighter conversion program.”

The first question that most readers will ask is likely: “With two 767-300 P-to-F programs already up and running, and demand seemingly low, why start a third?” Wagner’s answer is that it “has conducted extensive program development and market research on the B767-300 freighter over the last couple of years and has determined that a solid market potential exists for a global offering of the B767-300 passenger-to-freighter conversion.”

We interpret this to mean that the company foresees a resurgence in demand for freighter-converted 767-300s, and believes it can successfully compete for that business with Boeing’s 767-300BCF and M&B Conversions’ Bedek-converted 767-300BDSF.

Wagner Aeronautical has a long history in the freighter conversion business, having been involved in conversion programs for the 727, 737, 747, and 757.

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