CFS 2019: A330P2Fs won’t supplant freighter-converted 767s for 3-5 years

SAN DIEGO – Although the A330 is seen as a likely successor to freighter-converted 767-300s, not for 3-5 years, said Rich Corrado, president Air Transport Services Group (ATSG).

With an estimated 220 airframes remaining in passenger service of an age suitable for conversion, which for ATSG’s portfolio tends to be in a range of 15-25 years, Corrado believes 767 conversions will continue for some time. At present, the on-ramp cost to add a freighter-converted 767-300 is lower than an A330P2F by a large magnitude, which is why just five units are operating today.

Long term, Corrado expects the A330P2F – both the -200 and -300 variants – will prove to be great freighters.

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