Bombardier launches Q400 Combi

Bombardier Q400 NextgenAt the Farnborough Air Show, Canada-based Bombardier formally launched a Q400 NextGen Combi – not a passenger-to-combi conversion program for existing Q400s, but a production combi, available in various configurations.

The manufacturer did not provide detailed specifications, but did say: “In the lay-out that provides the highest payload capability, the aircraft offers up to 8,200 lb. [3.72 tonnes] of cargo capacity and up to 1,150 cubic feet [32.6 cubic meters] of cargo volume. In this high-cargo version, the aircraft can comfortably accommodate 50 passengers at 32-inch seat pitch.”

No launch customer was announced, but Bombardier said it was in “advanced discussions” with a number of customers. And regarding sales potential, small turboprop combis are widely used in remote areas like Northern Canada and Alaska, where isolated towns often do not have road connections to the outside world.

Bombardier has booked 499 orders for its Q400 and Q400 NextGen series aircraft.

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