E-commerce activity slowing down; how will this impact air logistics?

Cargo Facts Consulting publishes its annual e-commerce report today

E-commerce activity slowing down; how will this impact air logistics?

Cargo Facts Consulting (CFC), a leading global consultancy to the air logistics industry and a sister venture of industry newsletter Cargo Facts, this week released its latest report which provides an in-depth analysis of how e-commerce current activity and outlook will impact companies in the air logistics business.

This fourth edition of the report includes exclusive access to market size estimates for e-commerce traffic in express, postal and general cargo networks, e-commerce-focused profiles of key global and regional express delivery companies, analysis of trends, growth opportunities and risks within the industry, giving your team the imperative data you need to mold your company’s logistics plan.

E-commerce is not a choice; it is here to stay and has fundamentally changed the distribution of goods.  This matters to companies in the global logistics business because it is creating both new opportunities for growth as well as risks to profitability. Most e-commerce logistics fulfillment networks and service requirements are being shaped by the large global and regional platforms. The companies included in our analysis account for almost 50% of the value of global e-commerce revenues and understanding these companies is key to understanding some of the larger contracting opportunities available to logistics companies.

“Consumption of digital services remains strong more than two year after the pandemic started, a trend that will likely continue over the next years but at a slower pace. We are seeing the first signs of e-commerce activity slowing down since the beginning of the pandemic,” said CFC Director Guillermo Ochovo. “The largest online platforms are reporting slowdowns in their e-commerce business and while overall sales remain strong, the impact of inflation in consumer spending and the return of in-store shopping are impacting this segment”.

The report also includes interactive tools where users will be able to analyze and understand the spatial dimensions of different aspects of the e-commerce logistics business. The different interactive tools bring the report to life, and expands on topics including e-commerce market penetration, cross border e-commerce, airport growth opportunities, dedicated e-commerce networks and more. To learn more or to order the report visit www.CFCInsights.com.

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