More than just Amazon

As we reported yesterday, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings took the occasion of its first-quarter earnings release to announce that it had signed a 20-freighter/20%-stake deal with Amazon. You can read our discussion of that deal here, but lost amid the Amazon hooplah were the financial and operational details of Atlas’ first quarter.

We will provide a detailed analysis of the quarter next week, but for today we offer a few Atlas-related videos to get you started on the weekend.

First, a trip back into the past, and a glimpse of the life of an Atlas Air pilot back in the day when the company still operated 747-200 freighters.

And now a reminder that Atlas’ business model includes a lot more than ACMI operation of 747 freighters. Here’s an Atlas 767-300 passenger plane coming in to land at Cleveland.

And finally, the current centerpiece of the Atlas fleet, the 747-8F.

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