Cargo Facts Connect: Timing the launch of a P2F conversion program

Robert Convey, SVP Sales & Marketing, AEI.

Miami-based AEI has developed P2F Supplemental Type Certificates for ten jet models throughout its history. The company’s 737-800 SF program, announced in April 2014, was the first conversion program launched for an NG narrowbody In February of this year, the 737-800SF was certified by the FAA and subsequently redelivered to launch operator Ethiopian Airlines earlier this year.     

In this inaugural episode of Cargo Facts Connect, we sit down with Robert Convey, SVP Sales & Marketing, AEI to discuss some of the key factors that drive program development, and considerations for timing the launch of a new program.  

Listen to the full podcast with Convey here:  


Those interested in hearing more from AEI are invited to join us for the 25th Annual Cargo Facts Symposium, to be held Oct. 16-18 at the InterContinental San Diego. Convey will speak on a roundtable panel discussion on the topic of freighter conversions. To register and for more information visit today! 

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