EgyptAir outlines timeline for A330-200P2F redeliveries [video]

The first A330-200 to be inducted for freighter conversion by EFW landing at Dresden.

Cairo-based EgyptAir says the first of three freighter-converted A330-200Fs it has on order with EFW will be redelivered later this month, around 30 June. A second A330-200P2F, meanwhile, is expected in October.

EgyptAir became the launch customer (and so far the only customer) for EFW’s A330-200P2F program, when it placed an order for two conversions in late 2014. The first aircraft (600) entered conversion in April 2017, while the second (709) was inducted in May. Both aircraft were previously operated in the carrier’s passenger fleet.

Are more freighters are on the way? Since the launch order, EgyptAir has placed an order with EFW for a third freighter-converted A330-200F, to be redelivered in April 2019. The carrier also has an option for a fourth conversion.

The A330-200P2Fs will enable the launch of trans-Atlantic freighter flights, according to an interview with an EgpytAir executive in Al Mal. Increased demand for freighter flights to the United States stem, in part, from the US Transportation Security Administration’s January ban on belly cargo for flights originating in six different countries, including Egypt. Freighter flights, however, are still permitted as long as EgyptAir participates in additional cargo screening measures, according to the airline.

Apart from the A330-200Fs, EgyptAir plans to add two freighter-converted 737-800s. Like the A330 conversions, the feedstock will be sourced from the carrier’s passenger fleet. A conversion order has not yet been announced.

For now, EgyptAir Cargo’s active freighter fleet is comprised of just two A300-600Fs. And since, it’s Friday, we’ll share a couple cool videos:

First, an EgyptAir Cargo A300-600F landing in Serbia:

And while we await videos of the A330-200P2F conversion, here’s a video of EFW’s first A330-300P2F (116, ex-Malaysia Airlines) taking off. This aircraft has since been redelivered to DHL :

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