Telair International unveils modular cargo loading system for A320 family

Telair International’s Modular Cargo Loading System for the A320 Family lower hold.

Telair International launched a modular cargo loading system for use in the lower hold of narrowbody aircraft. The system is designed to be installed post-delivery or during freighter conversion and consists of reconfigurable modules that can be converted within a matter of hours to accommodate either bulk or containerized freight.

Initially, Telair expects the system to be popular with airline groups and lessors that frequently move aircraft between operators that may use different configurations. Lufthansa has placed a launch order for more than 100 systems for use in its fleet of A320 family passenger aircraft. Installation will take place following the system’s certification, which is expected in 1Q20.

Further out, Telair expects a market for the system for use in freighter conversions as well. The forthcoming  A320 and A321 family freighters will have the ability to carry containerized cargo in the lower hold. 321 Precision Conversions had previously selected Telair as the main deck system provider for its forthcoming A321-200PCF. Brian McCarthy, 321 Precision Conversions, said Telair was selected in part “because of a number of options on both the main deck and the multiple modular configurations in the lower holds.”

Precision plans to offer all of Telair’s options for the A321-200. “We see both containerized and modular containerized being used depending on the level of integrator cargo, general cargo or charter work that the future customers will be engaging in,” said McCarthy.

Telair recently delivered the first A321-200 main deck cargo loading system to Precision. The system is currently being installed on the conformity aircraft (891, ex-FlyCAA) at Orlando Sanford International (SFB).

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