Competing for feedstock

Boeing's 757-200 is a hot commodity on the conversion market.
Boeing’s 757-200 is a hot commodity on the conversion market.

Ireland-based Fly Leasing (which is managed and serviced by US-based BBAM LP) said it has “agreed to sell eight of the 11 Boeing 757 aircraft in its fleet.”

No information was provided regarding the purchaser of the eight aircraft, but Cargo Facts believes it is likely to be either DHL Express or SF Airlines, both of which are known to be in the market for a large number of 757-200s that they can have converted to freighter configuration.

With FedEx having already grabbed over 100 757-200s, and many airlines still keen to keep their 757s in passenger service, conversion feedstock is scarce, and competition for it is heating up, so it will be interesting to see where the Fly Leasing aircraft end up.

And we should know fairly soon, because in its announcement of the sale agreement, Fly Leasing said all eight sales were expected to close by the end of 2015

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