Freighter aircraft transactions through the end of August

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Below, we include the transactions from recent issues of Cargo Facts Update, and we encourage you to make use of the FAT database here on our website.

US-based Kalitta Air acquired a 747-400F (32809, ex-Korean Air) [FAT 004625]. The aircraft had been parked at Gimpo International Airport (GMP) since February 2017, after being withdrawn from use in November 2016.

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings acquired a 747-400F (30609, ex-EVA Air) and will put it into service with its Polar Air Cargo subsidiary carrier, which will, in turn, operate the aircraft on behalf of DHL [FAT 004633].

Leipzig-based AeroLogic to add an eleventh 777F. AeroLogic, a 50/50 joint venture of DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo, will begin operating the 777F in January 2019. Lufthansa Cargo will lease the aircraft from Boeing Capital and have it operated by AeroLogic on Lufthansa’s network, further diversifying AeroLogic’s operational model [FAT 004631].

Taiwan-based EVA Air took delivery of a 777F (62826), the third of five it has on order with Boeing [FAT 004632]. The acquisition is part of EVA’s fleet renewal program, which aims to replace the remaining 747Fs in its fleet with 777Fs by 2019.

DHL Express to add ex-Etihad A330Fs. Between 28 December and 11 January, Abu Dhabi-headquartered Etihad Airways removed all five of its A330-200 production freighters from service and placed them into storage. For months there were whispers about where these relatively young freighters (2000-2017 vintage) would end up. The answer to this question became clear earlier this week when EAT Leipzig took redelivery of the first ex-Etihad A330-200F (1524) sporting a DHL Express livery and a new German registration (D-ALMD). As is the case with the other four A330-200Fs Etihad currently has in storage, EAT Leipzig will soon operate these aircraft on behalf of DHL Express [FATs 004620-4624].

Atlas Air took redelivery of a 767-300BCF (27428, ex-S7 Airlines) following conversion to freighter configuration by Boeing at the EGAC facility in Taipei (TPE). Atlas will operate the aircraft on-lease for Amazon Air [FATs 004634-4635].

FedEx took delivery of a 767-300F (43554) from Boeing [FAT 004629]. This is the fourth 767-300F Boeing has delivered to FedEx since the express giant’s 4Q earnings call in June. An additional twenty-nine deliveries are expected by the end of FY 2020.

DHL International Aviation Middle East returned a 757-200PCF (22210) to lessor Aerolease Aviation [FAT 004636].

DHL Air took redelivery of a 757-200PCF (29427, ex-American Airlines) after the aircraft was converted to freighter configuration by Precision Aircraft Solutions at the Flightstar facility in Jacksonville (VQQ) [FAT 004637]. DHL Air will operate the aircraft on the behalf of DHL Express.

ST Aerospace Engineering redelivered a freighter-converted 757-200SF to Shenzhen-based SF Airlines (27806, ex-American Airlines) following conversion at the company’s Seletar MRO facility [FAT 004628]. The rapidly-growing express carrier has at least four more aircraft in conversion with ST Aerospace Engineering and Precision Aircraft Solutions.

Aviastar-TU took delivery of a 757-200PCF (25731, ex-American Airlines) after its conversion to freighter configuration with Precision Aircraft Solutions at the Aersale MRO facility in Goodyear (GYR) [FAT 004626]. The aircraft was put into conversion by New Zealand-based Airwork Holdings and is currently operating in Aviastar livery.

AFO Aircraft (NZ) Ltd. put a 757-200 (25294, ex-American Airlines) into conversion with Precision Aircraft Solutions. Touch labor for the conversion will be performed at the Aersale facility in Goodyear (GYR) [FAT 004638]. AFO is a special-purpose vehicle of Airwork Holdings, the leasing arm of Airwork New Zealand.

Vallair acquired an A321-200 (1017, ex-R Airlines) from Plane Business Leasing [FAT 004639]. This will be the seventh A321 to join Vallair’s portfolio. Although ultimately bound for conversion into freighter configuration, the aircraft will operate in passenger configuration on a short-term lease ahead of induction.

GECAS took redelivery of a 737-800BCF (32609) after it was converted to freighter configuration at Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services Co. Ltd. The aircraft was subsequently leased to West Atlantic UK, to be operated for FedEx in its European network [FATs 004640-4641]. The carrier plans to lease at least two more 737-800BCF conversions from GECAS.

US-based Everts Air Cargo acquired an MD-83. The aircraft (49855, ex-Afrijet Airlines) is currently in storage in the desert and awaiting conversion by Aeronautical Engineers Inc. to freighter configuration [FAT 004627]. Back in April, Everts Air Cargo put another MD-83 into conversion with AEI (53471, ex-Ryan International Airlines), with redelivery expected sometime this month.

Iraqi startup Al Haya Airlines took delivery of a CRJ200SF (7421, ex-ExpressJet) following conversion to freighter configuration with Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. [FAT 004630]. According to reports from ch-aviation, Al Haya Airlines will specialize in regional operations.

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