Freightos’ Schreiber joins CF EMEA speaker faculty

Cargo Facts EMEA takes place May 9-11 in Dubai

Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber has joined the Cargo Facts EMEA 2022 speaker faculty for the panel “The future of air cargo capacity sales and distribution: is a paradigm shift on the horizon?” at 11:45 a.m. (GMT +4) on Wednesday, May 11. 

Cargo Facts EMEA will take place live May 9-11 in Dubai for the first time. The event will bring together industry experts, offering access to emerging airfreight technology and providing solutions to challenges affecting today’s air cargo market. 

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Frieghtos has been expanding its presence as the market popularity of its WebCargo booking platform continues to scale. Air Canada recently launched its digital booking through Freightos’ WebCargo platform in March, joining other customers like IAG, Qatar Airways, American Airlines and Capital A’s Teleport.

Schreiber founded Freightos in 2012. He previously founded and served as CEO of Lighttech, which produced LED drivers for worldwide sales before being purchased by General Electric Lighting in 2011. He also served as founder and CEO of Unicorn Solutions, which was sold to IBM in 2006. Schreiber has also published two novels. 

Schreiber holds a PhD in computer science from Imperial College London and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He is also an author and has published two novels. 

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