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Airlink Ebola response 02Airlink, a 24/7 disaster response organization that connects pre-vetted nonprofits with airlines, requires help in flying desperately needed medical supplies and protective equipment to the workers on the front line of the ebola outbreak in Africa. Airlink is supported by many of the companies in the airfreight and express industry, and has already sent a number of shipments to West Africa. But more help is needed urgently, particularly in light of the fact that many airlines have cancelled their scheduled services to the affected countries (as reported by our European editor, Alex Lennane).

Airlink has critical aid cargo (listed below) ready to move to West Africa. Destination could be any of the affected countries, but the greatest need and desire to help is to Liberia (ROB), and Sierra Leone (FNA).

Please note that the focus of this request is humanitarian in nature, and therefore Airlink is requesting the support of the airfreight and express industry to collaborate and get the most critical items to the right destinations as soon as possible – Airlink is not seeking full commercial charter rates.

If you are able to help, please contact Steve Smith, Airlink’s Executive Director, by phone at +1 202.573.8686 or email at

Here is the list of donated supplies waiting for transport from various stations in Europe and the US


  • Amsterdam:
    • 70,000 lbs ~ 3,000 cuft of IV solutions and tubing
    • 1,000 lbs ~ 150 cuft of pharmaceuticals and personal protective gear
  • London:
    • 5,000 lbs ~ 750cuft of pharmaceuticals
    • 20,000 lbs ~ 3,000 cuft. of medical supplies

USA: East Coast:

  • New York:
    • 50,000 lbs. ~ 5,300 cuft of Medical Supplies. This includes face-masks, biohazard bags, syringes, catheters, IV stands, plus medicines for supportive care and other supplies
    • 5,000 lbs ~ 700 cuft of personal protective equipment
  • Tampa:
    • 2500 lbs. ~ 375 cuft of personal protective equipment
  • Virginia:
    • 40,000 lbs ~ 1,500 cuft of oral rehydration salts
  • Charleston:
    • 3,000 lbs ~ 300 cuft – Water filtration equipment
  • Other:
    • 8 donated ambulances to Sierra Leone

USA: West Coast

  • Los Angeles
    • 6,000 lbs ~ 400 cuft of personal protective gear and disinfectants
    • 10,000lbs ~ 1,500 cuft. of personal protective gear, pharmaceuticals, lab equipment and tubing (for blood collection)
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