The good times keep rolling in July

Two weeks ago, when we analyzed the just-published July results from some of the world’s big carriers and airports, we predicted that when IATA and WorldACD published their detailed analyses of cargo traffic worldwide at the beginning of September, we would see air freight demand growth in July of 11% or 12%, year-over-year.

We are still waiting on IATA, but WorldACD today released its detailed analysis of July air freight data, showing year-over-year volume growth (measured in chargeable weight) of 11.8%, and traffic growth (in direct tonne kilometers flown) of 11.9%. You can read WorldACD’s complete report, but here are a few highlights:

  • The strongest growth was from the origins Europe (14.2%), Middle East/South Asia (MESA, 13.5%) and Asia Pacific (13%), and below average figures for other regions.
  • MESA and Asia Pacific were the fastest growing destination areas (14.9% resp. 13.3% increase).
  • General cargo continued to increase faster (+12.6%) than the other product categories (+9%), with the exception of pharmaceuticals (+17.6%).
  • Regarding yield, the overall 8.0% y-o-y growth figure (in USD) came on the back of a 13.2% yield increase for business originating in the Asia Pacific region.

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