FedEx takes delivery of 767-300F, retires MD-10-10F

In a one-two punch, FedEx swiftly took delivery of a 767-300F (63109) from Boeing, and subsequently retired an MD-10-10F (48263) [FATs 005089, 5091].

Although FedEx has long labeled 767-300Fs a replacement for its ageing MD-10F fleet, in the six years since FedEx took delivery of its first 767-300F in September 2013 (42706), the carrier has taken delivery of far more 767-300Fs than it has retired MD-10Fs. The latest 767-300F delivery was FedEx’s seventy-fourth of the aircraft type. FedEx’s MD-10F fleet, meanwhile, peaked at seventy-three units in FY 2011 (fifty-eight MD-10-10Fs and seventeen MD-10-30Fs).

Based on FedEx’s latest Stat Book, a total of seventeen 767-300Fs will be delivered in 2020, while just thirteen MD-10-10Fs will be retired. The remaining seven MD-10-10Fs will be retired in 2021, which is also when MD10-30F retirements will continue, with seven to be retired in FY2021, and six in 2022. In both FY 2021 and FY 2022, 767-300F deliveries will outpace MD-10F retirements by four units and twelve units respectively.

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