GSS hangs onto AOC by a thread

 The future of embattled Global Supply Systems (GSS), the UK-based operator (49%-owned by Atlas Air) that lost British Airways’ ACMI freighter contract, is not clear. The problem is that while Atlas has stated it would like to keep the UK AOC, under the Civil Aviation Authority’s rules, GSS needs an aircraft. Article 4 (c) of the Licensing Regulation requires States to ensure that carriers licensed by them have one or more aircraft at their disposal.

A CAA spokesman told Cargo Facts; “I cannot go into details about GSS’ current circumstances, however, generally in such situations we will work with the operator concerned to ensure they meet the current requirements for retention of their license and AOC.” He added: “There is no set time period. We will deal with them on a case-by-case basis.”

Meanwhile, two of the 747-8Fs formerly operated for British Airways are now flying between Hong Kong and Anchorage on behalf of DHL, while Atlas has put the third into revenue service in its “scheduled charter” operation, mainly serving Latin American points from Miami. Atlas has said it hopes to be able to report on the future for GSS soon. Unfortunately, whatever that future may be has not come fast enough for the majority of GSS’s staff and crew.

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