More A300-600 P-to-F conversions for Uni-top

China-based Uni-top Airlines now has six A300-600s in P-to-F conversion at the EFW facility in Dresden (DRS), but looks set to add another.

Uni-Top currently operates three 747-200Fs from its base in Wuhan, but the carrier says it is in the process of setting up a domestic China feeder operation to support the  international flying. As we reported earlier this year, Uni-top acquired six A300-600s in passenger configuration from China Eastern Airlines, and placed a firm order for four conversions with EFW, the conversion arm of Airbus. However, it is now reported that all six have been ferried to the EFW facility in Dresden, and that a seventh — also acquired from China Eastern — will soon join them.

The six A300-600s already at the EFW facility are units 707, 725, 732, 741, 746, and 763. The seventh unit (754) is currently stored at Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport (SHA), and is also expected to be scheduled for conversion.

Uni-top last year acquired Tianjin-based GrandStar Cargo International, the former joint venture of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co. and Korean Air. The acquisition gave Uni-Top Grandstar’s traffic rights, and also the carrier’s single 747-400F (26401). That freighter remains parked, and it is not known when Uni-Top will put it into service.

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