Recent freighter aircraft transactions

Every week in Cargo Facts Update, we include a list of recent , and then a comprehensive summary in the monthly issue of Cargo Facts. Each reference to a freighter aircraft transaction (FAT) in our publications contains a unique FAT code linked to the FAT database on the website. This database is available to subscribers as an interactive tool on our website, and you can go to it from the “Freighter Data” tab at the top of the page, or directly at

Below, we include the transactions from today’s issue of the Cargo Facts Update, and we encourage you to make use of the FAT database here on our website.

acquired one of Korean Air’s 747-400ERFs and leased it to Atlas.

Korean Air took delivery of its twelfth 777F (62697),  as part of a plan to renew a fleet once heavily-reliant on 747-400BCFs and 400ERFs [FAT 004062]. This unit is on lease from , and was the fifth aircraft included as part of a sale-and-leaseback deal for five 777Fs between Korean Air and that was reached in September 2016 [FATs 004072 – 4073].

US-based lessor acquired purchased a 747-400ERF (33517) from Korean Air, and immediately leased it to Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings [FATs 004063 – 4064]. The aircraft was part of a two-unit deal brokered some time ago, that also included a sister ship (33515), which leased to Atlas in September.

took delivery of a 767-300F (43630) from [FAT 004065]. now operates forty-nine 767-300 freighters, of which forty-six were delivered as new-builds from , while three were acquired used, two from Silk Way West, and one from LATAM. has sixty-two more of the type on order with .

took redelivery of a 757-200PCF (25890, ex-China Southern Airlines) following conversion to freighter configuration by at the HAECO facility in Xiamen [FAT 004066]. China Postal’s fleet now includes nine 757-200PCFs (five owned, five ACMI-leased from Air China Cargo), eight 737-400Fs, and fourteen 737-300Fs (of which two are QCs, operated as freighters).

Express acquired a 757-200 (29428, ex-American Airlines) and will have it converted to freighter configuration by at the Flightstar facility in Jacksonville [FATs 004067- 4068].

Another 737-400F for . Bulgaria-based purchased a 737-400 (28489, ex-Enter Air) from Aircraft Finance Trust Ireland, and will have it converted to freighter configuration [FAT 004069]. would not disclose the conversion house, but said the aircraft would be inducted for conversion by the end of October. currently operates three 737-300Fs and five 737-400Fs.

UK-based returned a 737-300QC (24219) to , off lease [FAT 004070].

Alaska Airlines retired its last 737-400 Combi (25100) as part of its move to an all 737-700BDSF cargo fleet [FAT 004071].

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