What next for Emirates — Video

It will be some time before all the cargo moved by air in 2016 is tallied, but when the numbers are finally published, it is likely that Emirates will, once again, be the world’s top international cargo carrier. The airline’s rise from a pair of airlines leased from nearby Pakistan a little over thirty years ago, to its position as the colossus of the skies today has been astounding. But where does Emirates go from here?

We are not going to try to answer that question ourselves. After all, it is Friday, and we want to get back to our habit of offering a few videos to keep your aviation interest up over the weekend. However, if you are interested in whether Emirates will continue to fly ever higher, or whether political and economic turbulence will bring it back to earth, we suggest you check out this article, published today in Bloomberg. Very interesting food for thought.

Now, a couple of videos of Emirates cargo operations.

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