A different kind of logistics network

As we posted earlier this week, we’re excited that Steven Li, Director of Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics for Cainiao, will join us in Hong Kong next month as a speaker at Cargo Facts Asia 2016. Cainiao was formed in 2013 to oversee the proposed China Smart Logistics Network – the brainchild of Alibaba boss Jack Ma.

Three years later, China Smart Logistics is involved in the transport of almost 70% of the express shipments in China, and has its eyes firmly fixed on expanding to the rest of the world. Since today is Friday, we will offer a couple of videos – one to provide some background on just what the China Smart Logistics Network is (and isn’t), the other offering evidence that Alibaba, Cainiao, and China Smart Logistics have already begun making the entire world one online marketplace. Yes, the second video is a bit over-the-top, and no, not every family in rural China is going to have their next meal prepared in their home by a famous foreign chef, but it does paint a very interesting picture of the future.

We hope you will join us at Cargo Facts Asia next month to here the real story directly from Steven Li (go to www.cargofactsasia.com to register or get more information), but in the meantime, here is something to watch this weekend.

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