321 Precision Conversions unveils A321 flight deck design

Now that 737-NG passenger-to-freighter conversion redeliveries have commenced, the next airframe up for STC certification will likely be an A321-200 conversion program. Today Cargo Facts can exclusively reveal a new flight deck design from one of the companies developing an A321 P-to-F program – a design that the conversion house, 321 Precision Conversions, believes will have flight crews howling.

Even since Orlando-based Avocet began working on the cargo door conversion prototype for Precision’s conformity aircraft (891, ex-Swissair) earlier this year, details of the cockpit configuration were kept tightly under wraps.

During a session devoted to the narrowbody conversion market at the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium earlier this month, Gary Warner, President, 321 Precision Conversions Aircraft, stressed that the company had made significant progress on the engineering and design work for its 14-pallet position A321 P-to-F program, but did not elaborate any further regarding what would await flight crews once onboard the aircraft.

Today, the company’s VP, Sales, Brian McCarthy, carved out time to share with us a mock-up of Precision’s model flight deck and supernumerary occupant area forward of the 9G barrier. McCarthy points out that in this rendering, the five occupants enjoy galley, storage, and lavatory amenities, all of which are accessible through the two existing forward doors.

321 Precision Conversions’ model flight deck and supernumerary occupant area forward of the 9G barrier. Photo: Brenda Mallett

Precision’s flight deck engineering specialist, Brenda Mallett added, “the use of market produce as a conversion mock-up aid has allowed the company to validate numerous flight deck scenarios as well as small, medium and large, flight crew personnel of all shapes and sizes.”

Reflecting on cockpit congestion, McCarthy continued, “I’m was pleased with the results of this modeling and am convinced that flight deck congestion will be substantially reduced – while allowing all flight crew baggage to remain on the flight deck – with room to spare for additional produce. All while substantially improving the CG of the 321PC freighter.”

And, with that, we wish you all a happy Halloween.

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