ACMG and CH Aviation Announce Partnership

Air Cargo Management Group (ACMG) announced that it has partnered with ch-aviation to deliver new
advertising opportunities to the aviation industry in 2014.

The partnership, which kicks off in 2014, will have ACMG providing the sales support and structure for ch-aviation advertising sales.

ch-aviation, launched in 1998, provides comprehensive weekly news updates covering global airline industry developments with a focus on strategic network and fleet developments, airline start-ups and bankruptcies as well as  mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. This strong content at — both free and subscription-only — has enabled the website to position itself as one of the must-visit aviation online destinations for engaged industry professionals.

ch-Aviation is read by executives and key decision-makers at airports, airlines and suppliers because it provides actionable news and data that they use in their day-to-day responsibilities. The site generates on average more than 375,000 monthly pageviews, 72,500 unique monthly visitors.

As an online portal to aviation information that also sends content to its readers, ch-aviation offers marketers the opportunity to target their advertising to the audience segment that is most relevant to them. ch-aviation will unveil a  redesigned site in 2014 that is optimized for aviation marketers.

To learn more about the marketing and advertising opportunities available on ch-aviation, please contact John Specht at 

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