AIR CARGO 2011 – Asian Air Cargo Panel

Air Cargo 2011 visits wonderful San Diego in March and straight across the Pacific may lie an untapped market for your company – the dynamic and growing Asian air freight market!


Could there be business opportunities for your company tied to the burgeoning Asian air freight market that you should explore? Absolutely! We will present a  panel of experts from companies with extensive experience in the Asian market as well as an International Trade Administration representative who can tell you how to tap fantastic opportunities and utilize federal government resources to do so .


Experts and market trend analysts have stated that Asia will establish itself as world’s largest air cargo market within ten years. Independent studies have concluded that commercial air freight with China alone is expected to grow at a rate of 10% per year over the next few years. And did you know that three of the world’s largest freight airports are in Asia right now? (Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai).


Attend Air Cargo 2011 and get the best information possible form the panel on how to cultivate the opportunities that the world’s most dynamic and growing air cargo market offers.


Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. He replied “because that’s where the money is”. Air Cargo 2011’s “Doing Business With Asia: Profits On Arrival” will give you the information you need to educate and position yourself and your company to be part of the exponential growth and vast opportunities present the Asian air cargo marketplace.


February 11th is the deadline for Early Bird Registration.  Don’t be left out, hotel rooms are booking quickly, register online now at




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