Another contest! Win fabulous prizes!

Okay, since the last contest was obviously too easy (i.e. a few people actually got it right and won a donut), here’s one that might be a bit more challenging. And to make it worthwhile, I’m doubling the prize — anybody who comes up with the answer gets not just a coffee and donut from our neighborhood TopPot Donut Emporium, but a coffee and TWO donuts.

So, here’s the deal: Below are three photos of the same object, preceded by a few clues. Tell us what it is, and donut glory is yours. First, the clues…

  1. Since this is an air cargo forum, you can be assured that this object has a connection with something that was carried in an aircraft. Maybe not a shipment of cell phones or fresh flowers, but cargo nonetheless.
  2. This object was made of wood.
  3. Although it may look something like a golf ball, it has nothing whatsoever to do with golf.
  4. Only one was ever made
  5. And, at risk of making the contest too easy, this object was Top Secret

Ready? Here we go…

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