As Spirit Airlines Pledges To Be The Greenest Passenger Airline, Will Any Freighters Follow?

Spirit Airlines is on track to become the nation’s greenest airline. It uses newer, more fuel efficient planes, says Barry Biffle, the chief commercial officer and EVP of Spirit Airlines.  Spirit is adding more seats per aircraft than before, lowering the fuel-burned-per-seat and implementing policies to “encourage people to be very thoughtful about what they pack,” Biffle said, adding that people should pack less when traveling. “At the end of the day, that savings in weight translates to less fuel burnt.” 

The airline industry is changing. Low-cost carriers are taking a bigger share of the passenger market, and ACMI providers are taking a broader role in the cargo sector. We’ll discuss these challenges and much more at the 18th Annual Cargo Facts Symposium on October 15 to 17th. Mr. Biffle will join us there to discuss fleet strategies addressing the challenges of fleet planning, operations and profitability amid shifting market trends and unpredictable demand.


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Barry Biffle, the chief commercial officer and EVP of Spirit Airlines, will be speaking at the 18th annual Cargo Facts Symposium. Early Bird Registration for the Symposium has been extended until September 17. Have the opportunity to get the lowest price and register here.


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