Atlas Air’s 767s

Atlas Air 767-300ER

Atlas Air began charter passenger operations in 2010 on behalf of Angola’s Sonair, using 747-400 equipment. But recently, the carrier has added two 767-300ER passenger aircraft, one of which, N641GT (msn: 25132) is seen here on short final at SeaTac, inbound from Yokota Air Base in Japan. One of the things these 767s will be used for is military charter work.

Atlas’ branching out into 767 equipment also includes freighter work – as Atlas is also operating 767s for DHL on a CMI basis.

N641GT has had many operators prior to Atlas, being originally delivered to Asiana in 1992 and then being sold to ILFC in 1998. It previously operated for Air Europe, Air Afrique, LAN, Varig, and Gol before being acquired by Atlas in June of 2011.

Photographer: Alex Kwanten

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