ATR 42-300F

ATR-42F Javier Sandoval

On the opposite end of the spectrum from this week’s excitement at Paris is this ATR 42-300F, seen here departing from Dusseldorf heading for parts unknown, but quite possible Kaunas International in Lithuania.

LY-ETM (msn: 067) runs regional freight around northern Europe for a variety of customers, but is operated by Lithuanian ACMI operator DOT LT.

Ship 67 was originally built for Avianova, a small airline that served the island of Sardinia before being absorbed into Alitalia. After that, it served with several European regional operators (Air Dolimiti, Air Sicilia, and Air Nostrum) before being converted into a freighter for Northern Air Cargo in 2003. It was acquired by Danu Oro Transportas, or DOT LT, in 2006. DOT LT is a subsidiary of DAT (Danish Air Transport). DOT LT runs a mixture of passenger and freighter aircraft (all ATRs except for two Saab 340s), with three ATR 42-300’s dedicated solely to freight ops.

This scene was captured by contributor Javier Sandoval.

Photographer: Javier Sandoval. This photo may not be used without the express permission of Javier Sandoval. To see more of Mr. Sandoval’s excellent aviation photos, click here.

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