Bedek reported to be planning a 777 conversion program.

A report just published on the Flight Global website says that Bedek Aviation Group, the MRO and conversion arm of Israel Aerospace Industries, has selected the Boeing 777 for its next conversion program. The report quotes Jack Gaber, IAI’s Vice President and General Manager of Marketing as confirming the selection of the 777, but gives no details other than Mr. Gaber saying “We will be ready when the time is right to offer that conversion.”


The 777-200 has been a tremendous success for Boeing as a production freighter (777F), and it is no secret that Boeing has been considering a conversion program under the BCF umbrella. But Boeing has made no official announcement about a formal launch, nor provided any details about which 777 variant it will choose for the program.


Both Jack Gaber and Dan da Silva (Boeing’s Vice President, Freighter Conversions) will be taking part in a round-table discussion on the subject of freighter conversions at the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium in just two weeks, and this announcement should make for some very interesting discussion. For more information on the Symposium, or to register, Click Here.

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