Breaking news: FedEx & Boeing order imminent

FedEx Boeing 767 freighter N107FEOn Thursday we reported rumors that FedEx might soon place an order with Boeing for fifty 767-300Fs and ten 777Fs.

Looks like there might be some truth in the rumor, as planespotters in the Seattle area have reported seeing a 767-300F and a 777F parked at the Boeing delivery center at the company’s manufacturing facility in Everett, and the arrival of four FedEx corporate jets at Boeing Field.

Here’s a tweet from “Woody’s Aeroimages”

“4 of FedEx’s Corporate Jets have arrived at BFI today. A FedEx 777F & 767F have been staged at the EDC at PAE for a special announcement.”

And that same planespotter posted a photo of the two aircraft at the delivery center. You can see it here.

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